Artwork in Progress - Glasses Art Study

This humidity and heat lately is getting a bit much to put it mildly. Plus we tried to fix the air-conditioning but no go on that yet. I've been feeling a bit under the weather lately. I hope I will get better soon. For now, Cleo and I both take a daily dose of honey/cinnamon.

I drink mine usually, made into a tea (honey/cinnamon mix with tea hot water). She gets hers mixed in a bowl along with a joint treat and if we have, some leftover meats. I got this look earlier when she was done way before me. Like "Sigh. Really mommy? See I'M done already...." Cleo is a total sweetie that's for sure and a Newfoundland girl with an attitude.

In the Studio

Pencil drawing Art Study Pencil Gunilla Wachtel

Here is an artwork in progress update of an art study I'm working on. I do have several pieces going on at once I guess... Hope you like it!

Gunilla Wachtel
Dynamic animal drawings that deepen and strengthen your connection to animals.
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
Kanweienea Kreations

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