Artworks in Progress - Dreamy Blossom Tree

Here are some artworks in progress photos from the Dreamy Blossom Tree painting.

Dreamy Blossom Tree painting wip 

Mixing in the background with blues and whites.

Dreamy Blossom Tree painting wip 1

Doing some more work on the background. Adding some darker colors to the sides to sort of frame in the composition some more. This painting is done in acrylic so colors do dry fairly fast.

Dreamy Blossom Tree painting wip 2

Here you can see some of the paints laid out. I don't care for spending forever cleaning up the palette, so I have a wax paper over it here. 

Dreamy Blossom Tree painting wip 3

Um, yeah. I tend to get paint all over my hands somehow. Not sure how exactly, but, I do. I really try not to.

Dreamy Blossom Tree painting wip 4

So here you can see the completed painting. It is an 8x10 painting done on canvas panel.

Enjoy your day!

Gunilla Wachtel
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