Behind the Scenes - On Horseback

We got to go trail riding again the other day. This was a fun and awesome opportunity to spend some time with horses and get some research done too.

Horses, Horses and More Horses

Me and hubby on a trail ride - Kanweienea Kreations

That's me on Roger, a little bit stubborn but oh so sweet horse. The not so snazzy fitting helmet was the closest fit I could find for a helmet to borrow. That's hubby in the background on Mr Snugglekinz, I mean Mr Pickles, who is a very sweet and snuggly horse.

Our oldest son on the trail ride - the photographer selfie

Our oldest son, the photographer for the trail ride. This was his second time on a horse and he as you can see is quite happy about it.

The photographer's horse on the trail ride - LRD

The photographer's horse on the trail ride, LRD. 

Our youngest son on the trail ride with us - riding Jake

Our youngest son on the trail ride too. I guess he could look more enthusiastic, but he did seem to think it was fun anyways. Jake seemed a good fit for a beginner rider. 

In the Studio

The other day I came across this #inktober challenge thing. This morning was another one of those I just felt too tired to draw and couldn't get started. Then I figured, well I need to draw, perhaps the important thing is to just start drawing. Whatever it is. Detailed. Not Detailed. Put something on Paper.

The site came to mind, and I created a sketch in one of my sketchbooks.

Inktober Sketch Gunilla Wachtel

#inktober and #inktober2016

Random Thoughts and Not So Random Thoughts

I don't know about you, but for me, I tend to write a lot in most my blog posts. I've been a bit back and forth lately about how often to post. I need to try and work out more time for my studio work, so I might be posting a little less often for now. I will be trying to get about 1-2 longer blog posts done a week.

The other option is that instead of posting smaller updates to social media, I'll be posting shorter updates here and then from here to social media. I might forget to post some of them to the social media platforms though, so if you want to get blog updates, it's best to go to the blog here or subscribe to the newsletter.

There are currently some auctions listed, and I will be trying to get a summary post on the auctions of the week up here in a few days.

Enjoy your day!

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