Daily Drawings or just Studio Updates

Currently I'm trying to decide whether I should post daily or not. I use my website blog as my main platform, and at times social media as well. If you have any suggestions, let me know.

Stack of ACEO cards - Kanweienea Kreations

Daily drawings are fun and a good way to keep up with creativity and improving skills. However, it does add on to the artwork one has in the studio though. Here is a stack of ACEO cards that I don't currently have listed.

I haven't had time to list some of these (I wasn't going to list all of them), and creating more daily drawings would create even more items. If I do decide to create more daily drawings, I might offer some of them as prints.

Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

Kanweienea Kreations

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