Green Emerald Color Pencil Study

Color Pencil Study Green Emerald Gunilla Wachtel

At times I like to work with color pencil. Here is a study I did of an emerald. It was pretty frustrating because there were so many little shapes to fill in, and try to keep track of where they were going. Although challenging and frustrating, this was still a fun project to do.

I think it is good to create work for just fun and study sometimes. It is my creative dabble time I suppose.

Tuxie and Othello - Studio Helpers - Gunilla Wachtel

Tuxie loves the studio horse Othello. Tuxie is an awesome motivator too. She loves it when I work in the studio. She comes in the studio when I'm in here and when I notice her in here, well she is just so epic cute, I just have to stay a bit longer!

Enjoy your day!

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