Landscape Study Update

Afternoon everyone, just a quick update today. The Blazey ninja decided that I should take a nap and she wouldn't let me be until I went to lay down for a bit. I'm feeling a bit under the weather with the flu, and as usual, Blazey was there to remind me to take it easy.

Cleo, our Newfoundland dog has been hanging out in the studio more lately. With both windows open and the cooler winds pulling in, there is quite the nice breeze in the studio.

Cleo the Studio Newfoundland Dog - Gunilla Wachtel

Cleo the Studio Newfoundland Dog. Isn't she a beauty? :)

Landscape Study Sketch - Gunilla Wachtel

An update on my landscape study sketch. It is actually a bit darker in values than the photo shows, but adjusting the values to match the sketch didn't seem to work with this picture. Hopefully you can still see the contrast and values good still!

Enjoy your day!

Gunilla Wachtel. Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art.

Kanweienea Kreations

Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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