My Failed Attempt At Daily Projects and What I Have Learned

I sure mess up sometimes. It is fun with daily projects, type, 100 drawings challenge or 500 days of whatever. Except I tend to get sucked into those and then not have the time or energy to complete them. Or If I do complete them, the result is that I end up with a lot of art pieces to try and sell.

ACEO ink drawing horse Gunilla Wachtel
One of my ACEO cards, that was part of a daily project.

Then I discover, more times than one, that these artworks won't list themselves and I'm the one taking care of the listings, picture taking and all the other things that go into listing the products. Plus, I don't know about you, but I would rather not list everything I ever made. I imagine that that would not only get overwhelming for me, but also for you, trying to browse all the items.

Here's what I learned about this, well hopefully learned anyways, right?
Official daily challenges and projects are plentiful. As fun as they can be, if I do participate in them, I don't always have time to share the item daily and that just has to be okay. In fact, I tend to NOT participate in daily challenges right now, because of the fact that it does tend to get overwhelming. At least so at this point.

As a result, I'm now trying to more focus on working in a series and working on that daily, is a a daily challenge in itself, although not an official one. Here is a link to a blog post that I wrote about daily projects another time, 3 Things I've Learned About Daily Creative Projects.


P.S. – Am I the only one who has failed at something? Let me know if you had a similar experience… and what you learned from it. Thanks!

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