My Feline Tuxedo Motivator - The Tuxie

Tuxie is a little shy. She gets along well with our other cats, her sister Blazey and her sister by fur-family Tiggy. She is not as forward as the other cats though. If they are a bit pushy, she backs off. She doesn't want to bother. If I'm there, she knows the other cats won't try to take her treats from her.

She will often come get me when she wants to go eat her food. The other cats won't try to take the food from her, but she wants my company. She'll also try to keep us company when we eat.

Kind of Like Me

A little bit, I would say that Tuxie is like me. If people are too pushy, I tend to back off. If I talk and no one listens, well, I don't really want to bother. I try to encourage her to stand up to the others. She does for many things. The Tuxie can swat a good paw if needed, no questions asked. Just like I can speak up for myself when I get ticked off enough.

Tuxie the Motivator

Tuxie the Motivator - Studio Kitty Kanweienea Kreations

So, when I feel like not bothering posting to social media because there is too much noise, or some troll decides to comment, well I think of Tuxie. How Tuxie tries to keep me company, make sure I get my work done and, in her way, tries to encourage me to speak up. She would make Missy proud.

She loves it when I work in the studio too. She doesn't tend to go in the studio unless I'm there. If she does, it is to lead me in there.

Tuxie in the Studio - Cat Cave - Kanweienea Kreations

Tuxie enjoying her "cat cave." I hung my hoodie on the desk chair the other day. Not many seconds later I heard kitties and couldn't find where they were.... Yep. Tuxie was underneath my chair. Then Blazey and Tiggy found the cave too.

Featured Artwork

Eyes on the Prize 8x10 Print

Eyes on the Prize 8x10 Print Horse Drawing

Tuxie and I both love horses, so for today's featured artwork I figured I'd share one of my horse drawings. I used to do showjumping years ago, so this drawing brought back memories from when I was able to compete.

Random Thoughts and Not So Random Thoughts

Trying to post daily gets difficult when the Shopify blog adds to the screen-time by a lot. Every so often, the blog post just won't save and you have to start over from scratch. In fact, for this post, it re-set the whole thing. I had to copy/paste the whole post, which I fortunately did before leaving the page it wouldn't save. 

I've reported this blog bug to Shopify a few times already, maybe one day they'll even fix it!

Well, time to get some sketches done. Tuxie is snoozing on the studio horse, but only that half-snooze. If I get up to leave she notices and says "get back to work!"

Enjoy your day!

Kanweienea Kreations
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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