Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a big blue computer that was powerful, pretty fast and quite reliable for most the tasks. The fan like breezes favored this blue computer because it had the color of the sea.

They sung in symphony until one day desert clouds blew in and wreaked havoc to the landscape and sea. A powerful clean up crew showed up and cleared the landscape up. Yet, in spite of the most well meaning efforts, they could not revive the ancient breeze. The strongest and most fierce of the sea breezes had sung its last song and the blue computer was powerful no more.

Yeah okay, so my pc's cpu fan died...which means that my big desktop pc beast is out of commission. Cleaning it out didn't help since the pc fan is just, well dead. It started up but it's a big paper weight at this point until we can replace the fan at which point, perhaps, the pc will work better.

I don't particularly feel like just using my beautiful pc for just checking my email... but I might be able to use it for the occasional scan when needed. Fortunately, before the cpu fan failed revive, I had gone video editing happy and got several videos done and scheduled for both art and gaming. Mostly for the gaming one seeing as that is easier to set up, record and just get done.

My pc was the only computer in the house that could run the video editing software properly. I'm going to have to step back to trying to use Windows Movie Maker now so I won't be able to make the videos as nice (as I was starting to try and make them should I say). They'll be simpler videos. Anything but perfect or even close to there. I hope you will still like them.

No drawings shared in this post. I will be working on my art today, because it tends to make me feel better. These drawings though, will be on a pretty dark theme.

Enjoy your day!

Gunilla Wachtel
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Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
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