One of my ACEO cards - Tuxie Boss Kitty

Tuxie - a cat ACEO card by Gunilla Wachtel

One of my ACEO cards. A pencil drawing of our little Tuxie! She is often spending time with me in the studio. The day I created the card I really had no idea what to draw for my ACEO card. I looked over and saw the cute Tuxie next to me. So, I drew Tuxie!

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Keychain: Beautiful Horse 29

Horse Drawing Print Keychain  - Gunilla Wachtel Animal Artist

Horses are some of my very favorite animals to draw. This horse drawing was inspired by one of my favorite horse friends ever. She was a highly spirited and special horse. Once you earned her trust, you had a friend like no other.

Only one of these keychains left in stock! 

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

If Shopify wants their users to upload less blog pictures, perhaps they should fix the image editor? Allow me to explain. You already have uploaded product pictures, you select them to show in the blog post. So far so good. However, then when it inserts the image, the image is at best icon size (think 100x100). 

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Kanweienea Kreations
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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