Original ACEO Acrylic Whale Art Sea Ocean Marine Life - Auction

Gunilla Wachtel Artist Original ACEO Acrylic Whale Art Sea Ocean Marine Life

Orca Whale Marine Life ACEO Painting Acrylic Original Orca Art Gunilla Wachtel

There just is something extra special about orca whales. I'm not sure how to explain it. Perhaps it is partly their contrasting black and white colors, their power, strength and incredible intelligence.  

With this acrylic miniature painting, ACEO sized, I wanted to show the speed, beauty and power of the beautiful orca whale. There had to be movement in the painting, as if you could imagine the smell of the ocean, the salt spraying on your face and you being splashed with water as you see the orca whale pass by you.

This is an original miniature painting, measuring 2.5 x 3.5 inches.

Click here to view auction - Orca Painting Original ACEO. Good luck and I hope you win this ACEO! 

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