Pages from the Sketchbook - Studio Tuesday

Here are some sketches I've been working on. 

Pages from the Sketchbook

This color pencil sketch started out as random lines (no ruler). I then practiced shading in different colors etc. It was more of a relaxing exercise then creating something in particular.

A Horse Sketch from my Sketchbook

You know it! Here's another horse sketch.

Horse Sketch Gunilla Wachtel 

This is another post from the sketchbook pages. I hope these pictures inspire you, chane you in some way for the better.

I have found that I'm usually better at explaining things in pictures more so than words. When I try to explain the communication and connectivity I have with animals, it is difficult to explain. It's a little bit of, doesn't everyone have that sense? In my heart, I know that's not the case though. So, I try to share my gift with you, in the hopes that you will be inspired to connect more with animals.

Enjoy your day!

Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art

Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
Kanweienea Kreations

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