A Note on Scribble Compositions

Today I wanted to give you a sneak peek behind the scenes on how my drawings and paintings tend to get started. Behold, the sketchbooks!

Our youngest son gave me a sketchbook a while ago. I'm making sure I use it! It works great for quick sketches and quick compositions. Awesome!

Composition Notebook Gunilla Wachtel

Some awesome things I've realized about scribble sketches and scribble compositions

The notebook above is one of the ones I use for my scribble compositions. What are scribble sketches and scribble compositions? Well basically it is just quick sketches to give you an idea of how a subject looks like and how you wish to put your drawing or painting together.

  • It can be great for finding inspiration - you can look back through your sketches for inspiration.
  • These sketches could work great for references - if you at least did them clearly enough that you can tell what it is.
  • It's good to keep short notes next to your sketches (written next to it or on back of the page).
  • It would be good to try and keep them in one spot, whether that would be in one notebook or the same pile of papers. This makes it easier to find them if you ever want to look through them.

I used to draw in several different ones at a time and also on lose papers, in journals, planners everywhere. When our youngest son gave me the above sketchbook for a gift, I felt this was the perfect time to try to keep those sketches in the same notebook. 

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