Pages from the Sketchbook - Water Droplets

Here is a picture from my sketchbook. I often try to draw other things than horses, not just for practice, but also to more skillfully be able to incorporate different elements into a drawing. It could be some water droplets, such as here, or trees, or whatever background.

sketchbook drawing Gunilla Wachtel

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

I think I really need to get a better laptop table. I'm starting to think the table I use for it (it's a little bit too low), is bringing on neck issues. I notice it especially today, since the one usb port (as well as the laptop mouse) gave out just the other day.

I'm now stuck with using the touch pad on the laptop. It works, and I have to say, for those of you that just use the touch pad and not a laptop mouse, way to go folks!! I didn't get my laptop since last year sometime so I'm mostly used to using a desktop pc and mouse.

More like noticeable when I'm trying to write and edit blog posts. Not so much an issue with just browsing the internet.

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