Pearl Work In Progress Pencil Drawing

Here are some progress pictures from one of my sketches. It might not be an animal, but the principles apply to different subjects. This is a pencil sketch of a pearl earring.

Pearl Sketch Study Pencil Gunilla Wachtel

When I work on my sketches, I often work in my favorite sketchbooks. This particular sketchbook is a Strathmore sketchbook and I love the hard cover books. Spiral bound books can be outright annoying at times, since I'm left handed. I don't like having to flip the book over.

Pearl Sketch Study WIP Gunilla Wachtel Art

Here is another shot of my sketchbook.

Pearl sketch Study Work in Progress Gunilla Wachtel

Almost done!

Pearl Study Pencil Sketch Gunilla Wachtel

Here is the final sketch. It isn't a perfectly round pearl but pearls normally aren't.

Enjoy your day!

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