Pop Up Tags?

I think it's nice when a company works on getting updates etc done. However, if you keep changing the layout on people, it would be nice if they'd let people know ahead of time. Something like, hey we are going to be doing some layout changes to the blog and we are probably going to work on changing these particular things.

So, after not having been up to working on blog posts for a while (maybe a week), it's late in the evening and I go to work on getting a blog post done. I was about to add tags to the post and I'm like. Where. Are. these STINKING tags.... oh. it's a pop up menu sort of (reverse drop down menu I guess if you will). Then there is an option for view all tags. That brings up an actual pop up window. 

In this window, underneath applied tags, it says "Select previously used tags from the list below to add them to this customer." Say WHAT? Customer? It's a blog post.

Sometimes I REALLY miss Wordpress. Just sayin'

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