Practicing Pencil Strokes

Wouldn't it be awesome to visit the blog here first for updates, rather than social media? I'll tell you I do forget to post on social media for a bit at times, but tend to post more on the blog. So if you're interested in being the first to find out about what I'm working on, make sure to visit the website first.

In the Studio

Here is an example of what I've been working on lately. When I don't have time or energy to work on a full-fledged drawing, sometimes I work extra on practicing pencil strokes. It is also good to do as a general warm up before drawing.

pencil stroke practice sketchbook Gunilla Wachtel

Random Thoughts and Not So Random Thoughts

Currently dealing with the aftermath of a bad migraine. It is still here today, but today so far it was at least more like after I had to take migraine meds for it. Which just means the edge was barely taken off at all. Thankful for the little things.

I've got some catching up to do on blog posts etc, but I have to try and remember batch editing. Oh, and like I said above, I tend to post on the website more. If I only have energy and/or time to post on one platform, why not post to my own website rather than just contributing content to some third partly platform that filters timelines anyways? Thoughts?

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