Raid Level Migraine and Tuxie the Raid Tank

This morning I woke up with a bad migraine - think raid level migraine (current content too!). I try to not take any medicines unless it is really called for. This migraine was one of those you find tears streaming from your eyes due to the pain. Migraine medicine wasn't helping even after an hour or so.

Getting work done wasn't going to happen. I couldn't manage to read anything or even write in my bullet journal. Tuxie had been keeping me company as she most often does. I realized after a while that my studio schedule was just going to have to be very flexible today. 

Tuxie was resting on McFluff, one of the big stuffed toys in the studo. I went to rest my head next to her. She was happy I did and she turned to look at me. Tuxie checked on me and was pushing her head against my hand, purring extra loud. After several minutes she laid down again right next to me.

Tuxie the wonderful studio cat - Gunilla Wachtel

This is a picture from another day. Tuxie loves the big stuffed toys in the studio. She says they make awesome kitty furniture!

20 minutes or so later, the migraine finally subsided enough to be doable. So, you see, Tuxie is a raid level tank with templar abilities. I suppose that would be like a paladin! The tears from the pain turned to tears from just being so incredibly grateful for our sweet Tuxie. 

It's going to be a lazy day in the studio from the looks of it. I'll be taking it as easy as I can, trying to keep this migraine at bay.

Here is a picture from my sketchbook. Not from today, but I thought I'd share it with you anyways.

Sketchbook pages cats Gunilla Wachtel

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