Remembering Some Sound Advice

Many, many years ago now, my father once told me that when things feel tough, you pull yourself up by the bootstraps. You get up, dust your hands off and you keep going. The Swedish expression he used was actually "Man spottar i nävarna o går vidare." Directly translated it would mean "You spit in your hands (then rub your hands together as if wiping trouble off) and move on."

So, when I had a bit of a tired moment where I realized no matter how much I post, or how many listings I do, it seems like no one is noticing. If I didn't list though, would they notice then? Right, how could they?

Going to art fairs isn't a possibility still, so listing on my website and marketplaces like eBay is really the only options at this point.

My dad passed away several years ago now and I miss him every day. This post's for you dad. Love you always.

Drafting Table Unicorn - Gunilla Wachtel

I always did love my stuffed toys. I still do! This little cute unicorn is called "Purpley" and often keeps me company at the drafting table.

Not the Most Social Media Butterfly

I guess you could say I'm sort of a mixture between an introvert and an extrovert. More like I suppose, an introvert that has adapted to an extroverted society.

That being said, I do like social media, but, I don't spend as much time on it as some others. I never really been the type to post pictures of lunch or tons of pictures of our kids.

My personal space bubble or circle is very small. I'm adjusting to social media as I can, but do understand I feel better about posting on my own blog then I do on someone else's social media platform.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

After going through what artwork I have to sell, and remembering the sound advice of my dad, I decided to pull those bootstraps up and try again. For a while at least, I will be listing my auctions at eBay or maybe here on the blog or via the newsletter. This way I can make room for creating new artworks more often.

Featured eBay auctions

Two Horses - ACEO cards - Gunilla Wachtel drawings sketches

These are two of my currently listed ACEO card auctions. You can see the link to my current auctions in my signature below.

The top ACEO card is an Arabian horse drawing. I love Arabians and with this ACEO card wanted to show the beauty and wisdom of the breed. The bottom ACEO card is a fantasy inspired setting with a beautiful horse standing in the mystical forest. What do you think the horse is thinking about?

Enjoy your day!

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