Sneak Peek at New Side Project Series – 100 ACEO cards

This month I plan to start on concept sketches for a new series of drawings, about 8x10 inches size. As a small side project, I also plan to work on 100 ACEO cards. Originally I considered posting and listing those ACEO cards daily. However, I know that it is more likely that I could aim for making 100 of them as I had the time to do them. Days that I might not have the time to work on a bigger drawing but still wish to complete something.

In the Studio

100 ACEO animal artworks Art Card 1 - Gunilla Wachtel

As I’m typing up this post, I realize I did not yet make a card for today. This 100 card project might take a while to complete. That being said, some days I’m in an extra zone of Zen and could get several nice cards done. The aim here is to try and get 5-7 done of them a week.

Each card in this series will consist of about 100 ACEO cards, each one featuring an animal drawing of sorts. This ACEO drawing, featuring two different leg markings, is done with a Paper Mate Ink Joy pen. Does it resist smudges as easily as it says? Not really. At least not for lefties. However, it has a decent flow to it as far as the ink is concerned.

This ACEO was drawn straight with the pen. I decided that I was just going to draw it without any pencil first, which I normally use. However, it was a busy morning and I wanted to get started on this series already, even though I kept getting interrupted.

I decided to draw something simple, yet I wanted to portray a lot of detail with not that many pen strokes. I made an illustration of two horse leg markings.

Featured Artwork

ACEO horse sketch original

This horse drawing was part of another project where I tried to draw something daily. With some of my drawings, the idea is not to show every detail, but rather just give the concept flow of the animal. 

Random Thoughts and Not So Random Thoughts

Realizing that I only had one micron ink pen left, I decided to add getting more of them to my wishlist. The Sakura Micron pens, besides being archival, are awesome. They are great to use in most bullet journals too. They don't seem to bleed through the paper very much if at all. Plus, they tend to not smudge like gel pens.

As usual when I work on these blog posts, the fur babies are either in the studio with me here or out in the hallway right outside the studio. They are wonderful studio helpers, motivators and I guess you could say bosses. They tend to make sure I get my work done!

Enjoy your day!

Kanweienea Kreations
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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