Some Thoughts on Android Phones

Hey everyone,

Did you ever notice how for Android phones does the microphone symbol keeps disappearing?

 Well I had gotten it to show back up again and then fortunately I figured out how to do it again. On my phone it's too hold the to hold the the :-) key down like a long hold.

If your phone slow to react like mine is that could take a little bit but anyways eventually it should pop up with a couple of symbols on there. The microphone be one of them. I don't know why keeps disappearing. I suppose that there was some sort of update.

Trail riding horse Gunilla Wachtel

A picture from when we went trail riding. I had forgotten to set the phone settings to outdoors. It was very bright and I couldn't see where I was taking the picture really, nor even if the phone was reacting to me tapping the take a picture circle...

Anyways, it was an awesome trail ride. Loved it! I will try to write more about it in another post, but right now I have to get some studio work done!

Enjoy your day!

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