Some Thoughts on Being Straight-Forward

For as long as I can remember I've had a straight-forward, tell it like it is, personality. In addition to that though, I try to be nice, and if there is a way to say something in a nice way I'll say it the nice way.

I don't expect everyone to like me. I never have. If you don't like me, that's perfectly fine, do your own thing. Let me do mine.

Recently I spoke with someone who got offended that I saw right through their choice of words and their sentences. I tell it like it is, in the nicest way possible. This person was obviously one of those people that thinks you should act fake, try to talk over people's heads and when they realize that their communication skills are less than they think they are, they get offended.

I almost went back to my little introvert turtle shell, but then miss Tiggy came to talk to me. She made sure to make me feel better. It was as if she said, don't worry about this person. Cheer up, we love you.

Tiggy the Tabby - Studio Helper - Kanweienea Kreations

Miss Tiggy can drive me nuts at times, but she is a sweetie and she has this incredible way of cheering people up.

Again, I tell it like it is. It is one of the qualities I appreciate in people, and perhaps also one of my favorite things about animals. They tell it like it is. They don't act fake. They are true. If they don't like you, well it's pretty obvious, but most of them will be nice to you if you are nice to them.

So, sorry but not sorry to those that don't like straight-forward (but nice) people. It is who I am. And maybe it is your personality too, or maybe it's not. That's okay.

Enjoy your day - and I actually mean that. I don't just say it to say it!

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