Some Thoughts on Facebook and Instagram


Instagram doesn't really seem to work to connect Facebook business pages to. At least not if you want to be able to share photos from there on a consistent basis. The past month or more now, it's about 50% chance that the picture from Instagram will be shared to Facebook business page instead of personal page. 

If one tries to go into the settings to make sure that the personal page isn't an option, then one sees that the only available option is indeed the business page. Yet, it shares to the personal page instead.

I figured out that one way to fix it (the only way I could figure out anyways) was to un-link and re-link the business page (and fill out the information for it again obviously). That worked like a charm at first... for I think a few months?

Then I had to delete apps and re-install apps trying to fix the phone (which keeps running out of space like instantly). After that, Instagram seemed to work great! For maybe a few days. Since then it seems one time it will share the photo to the business page, next time to personal and next time to Facebook. It appears that the only way to fix it is to constantly keep un-linking and re-linking the business page. Can we say "waste of time"???

About ready to kick social media to the curb at this point...

I'm a little bit extra grumpy today. Can't really get into the swing of things so to say. The fur-babies want my attention extra and I quite tired. Also doesn't help that the trail ride I had been waiting over a year to go on didn't happen. We hadn't realized the place had changed their hours extra early this season and that was the only day we could go.

Horse drawing in progress Gunilla Wachtel

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