Some Thoughts on Social Media Platforms

I think social media platforms can be wonderful. I'm considering though to keep most discussions to the blog and newsletter. I'm still planning to use social media, but I have to look over how I structure my time, and where I spend the most time for different platforms. What do you think? Would you comment on the blog? Reply to the newsletter?

Featured Artwork

There is just something about Friesian horses. I'm not sure whether it's their majestic nature, intelligence or incredible beauty or all of the above. Either way, the Friesian horse is one of my favorite breeds.

Title: "Friesian 2"
Artist: Gunilla Wachtel
Size: 2.5 x 3.5 inches
Medium: Ballpoint Pen and Pencil
Surface: Bristol Card
Copyright: All rights reserved.

If you would like to make an offer on this original ACEO card, please complete the following steps:

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  2. Then contact us via the contact form (using the same email you are subscribed to the newsletter with) with your offer.

Please note that offer may or may not be accepted and that shipping is not included. Artwork may become unavailable at any time, so if you want to add this artwork to your collection, don't delay.

Gunilla Wachtel
Dynamic animal drawings that deepen and strengthen your connection to animals.
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
Kanweienea Kreations

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