Streamlining the Process

Today I got some art study done as well as updating the website. I need to streamline the studio processes until I can delegate at least some tasks. For now, we are offering prints through Zazzle again. 

In the Studio

A page from my sketchbook - Gunilla Wachtel 

I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of my work today, so here is another page from my sketchbook!

For now I will be trying to focus on my drawings. I still like to paint though, so I will still be listing some paintings. I have some of my beach stone necklaces currently on Facebook. I will try to get them listed back on the website again soon.

While I work, I often listen to music. Currently, I am listening to "Winterspell."


Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

To the other Shopify users out there, there seems to be a new (?) bug with the Shopify blog. Allow me to clarify. Let's say you name your blog post "draft." You save it while in hidden mode (if you switch to visible mode while in hidden mode, then save, Shopify has a tendency to eat the whole blog post).

You later decide to update the title to something else, more, search engine friendly. Shopify updates the main title, however, the URL and handle does NOT update. So, you have to remember to go update that separately, then save again. 

Until next blog post, 

Gunilla Wachtel. Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art.

Kanweienea Kreations

Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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