Studio Helper Saturday - Tiggy

Today's studio helper feature focuses on our tabby-tastic tabby Tiggy!


Tiggy the Tabby Kanweienea Kreations

Tiggy is not as frequently mentioned as Tuxie and Blazey, but she is a studio helper as well. She comes in here too and plus she likes to go out on the harness in the backyard. When she decides that it's ok for me to sit down with a notebook or two, she will jump up on the table out there and take a cat nap. Until then, it's follow the Tiggy!

In the Studio

I had to replace my old laptop table with another table we had. It gives me a bit more space to write/sketch next to the laptop, so that's good. I've gotten some painting done and I will try to get some drawings done this evening. I figured though I'd better get this blog post written now or I wouldn't.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

It seems as if every time Photoshop does an update lately, Windows can't understand what program to open the photos with. I'm like NO. I STILL do NOT want to open it with their photos app (which in my humble opinion, sucks overall). So I have to browse the computer to find the Photoshop program and set it to open as default yet again. Arghness.

Double arghness! I am sitting here working on my blog post and realized that yet again Shopify has updated the blog dashboard and moved things around. I almost forgot to add author and tags!...... Wonder what they will move next? Sometimes I really miss Wordpress, just sayin'. 

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