Studio Helpers

Cleo is a big cutie who likes to hang out with me in the studio more and more lately. She gets so well along with the cats too. Here is a picture of Cleo resting on the studio carpet while Blazey is checking on her.

Our animals are such an inspiration to me and we love them so much.

Studio Helpers Blazey the Tuxedo cat and Cleo the Newfoundland Dog

Blazey and Cleo - two of my studio helpers. They (and our other animals too) help me in so many ways. They make sure I get my exercise of course but also amongst many other things, they keep me company and inspire me to keep working on my artwork.

Featured Artwork

Arabian Horse Drawing. 8 x 10 print unframed.

Gunilla Wachtel ~ Conveying the Beautiful Essence of Animals in Art
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