Studio Organizing in Progress

Since we had to move everything in the studio, ok not everything, but a lot, to the side and away from the walls, I ended up re-arranging the studio some anyways.

As I was going through my pencil holders I realized for that one of them, some BIC pens had leaked bad. I could clean most of it off but some, just wouldn’t. Urgh.

Pencil Holder Artwork in Progress

So, at first I was going to grab out paints and just paint over it (the ink wasn’t completely dry anyways since I had try to wipe it off with water, and indeed had gotten some of it off).  Then, with the strong, sharp as dull needles (and lots of those) migraine, I was like screw this! I had just thought of my acrylic paint markers. Hm, I thought, the blue one might work, wonder if they dried out or still work. Oh, it worked and like a CHARM.

Pencil Cup Artwork in Progress Kanweienea Kreations - 2

I guess I could have recycled the pencil holder or something. But I tend to really like the IKEA pencil holders, and with a coat of fresh paint, it would look better. I know, I know, not like I would notice the ink on the inside bottom of it right? Well, I would know it was there and it would annoy me. Plus, the ink might come off on some pencils or what not and that would not be cool. So, I felt painting it was the best option.

Once I was done painting it, I put the cap back on the marker and put it away. The pencil holder was dry within a few hours.

Hopefully this will inspire you.

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Kanweienea Kreations

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