The Question You Might Have Been Wanting To Ask

I rarely do commissions anymore. They can be wonderful to do, but they are very time consuming and also can be quite tiring. You see, the effort and emotion I put into my own drawings as well as portraits of our own pets, is the same amount I put into any commission work. 

Horse pencil sketch by Gunilla Wachtel

I know that you love your animals, that they are family to you. They are your fur-babies, your friends, the ones who go to when really no one else seems to understand anything.

So, the answer is, yes I would still do commissions, but rarely. I'd charge a premium and I'd have a contract set up with half down before even starting the work. I even considered limiting it to people who subscribe to my newsletter, or some other sort of subscription/membership model (type patreon or something on my own site).

Ideas? Thoughts?


It was getting a bit confusing to post all artworks in progress updates to the newsletter first and then the blog. So, for now I think I'll go back to posting them on the blog but will try to link to them in newsletters as it comes to the new series anyways. Hope this works for you too!

Gunilla Wachtel
Dynamic animal drawings that deepen and strengthen your connection to animals.
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.
Kanweienea Kreations


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