The Sketchbook Zone - Friday

Lately I've been working quite a bit in my sketchbooks and other notebooks. Today I wanted to show you some pages from my sketchbook.

Newfoundland Dog Pen Sketch Gunilla Wachtel

Leaking pens are always annoying. For this particular sketch though, I was able to incorporate the ink leak into the drawing. It did take several layers.

Cleo the Newfoundland Dog - Pen Sketch - Gunilla Wachtel

CLEO! This sketch is actually from one of my bullet journal pages. I tend to draw a lot of little quick sketches in my bullet journal.

Sharks from the Sketchbook - Gunilla Wachtel

The one day I just felt like drawing sharks. Here is a picture from my sketchbook showing some of them.

Blazey in My Sketchbook - Gunilla Wachtel

Blazey! I drew a little sketch of Blazey as she was walking around the studio.

Sketching Figures - Gunilla Wachtel

Sometimes I might want to include some people in the drawings, so I figured, practicing some figure sketching was a good thing.

Featured Artwork

Horse and Cat Drawing Print Gunilla Wachtel

Friends. Original pencil drawing by Gunilla Wachtel.

Today's featured artwork is my original drawing of a horse and cat. This drawing was done in pencil. The scanner likes to put a tonal color at the bottom, but if you look at the other listing picture you will see an actual photograph of the drawing.

I originally drew just the horse, but there was something missing.... I heard purr purr purr and looked over to see Tuxie resting on Othello (the studio stuffed toy horse). So, I was inspired to draw a Tuxedo cat next to the horse. Isn't it a fun and playful drawing?

Enjoy your day!

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