The Story Behind the Artwork Drawing in Progress

Horse Drawing Artwork Pencil Art in Progress

This is the latest drawing I am working on. I had put it on hold for a bit, but after a little bit of a break I returned to working on it. It has been a few days or so now and I will be trying to get more work done on this one during the week.

This drawing didn't really start out with a story that I was aware of. However, as the drawing started to progress, its story started developing.

As you may know I have a background in horseback riding as well as working with horses. For a long time now though, I've been unable to go horseback riding very often. My own horse is a goal that I hope to achieve some day.

For now, my only option is to try and draw horses so real they almost leap off the page. That way, I can at least connect with horses in some way still. 

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