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Here's another update from Instagram. Although I usually try to post to the blog first, sometimes I post to there first. This is usually only when I'm extra tired but still want to share my work. Since I try to put more of my content here rather than the other way around, once I have a few posts on Instagram, if I didn't write a post on it, I try to post it here with some thoughts that weren't posted there.

As you probably know, Instagram does not make it easy to share links. You have to promote your post to get them clickable (at least the last thing I heard on it). You can keep updating your url in your profile. At this point that feels like a bit of a hassle to me so I usually don't. I'm still working on a system that will work better for me. I've checked out the Patreon app so that I can post some updates to there too, for my wonderful patrons!

This video loops, so click to start then once you are done watching it loop, just click to stop it :).

My beautiful studio helper Cleo #Newfoundlanddog #love #Newfoundland #newf #studiohelper #behindthescenes

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