Trail Ride

Today I wanted to show you one of my horse sketches as well as tell you a little bit more about the trail ride I finally got to go on!

In the Studio

Horse sketch

Here is a picture of one of my horse sketches. I was testing out posting to the blog from the phone. Sometimes I want to write something but maybe don't have the time to write it at the computer. Plus it's nice to make some notes technically while documenting my work.

I still prefer working at my laptop or computer for writing blog posts. However, when I feel like just doing shorter updates and such, it can be nice to be able to post via phone. Plus, using the microphone option for typing works pretty good. Although I have to go in and edit it some later, it makes for a nice first draft.

Trail Ride

So last week we finally got to go on the trail ride I wanted to go on. Awesome! I just wish I could go riding more often. The weather was beautiful and I got to ride the same horse as last year, Roger. 

Roger - Trail Ride Horse Appaloosa Kanweienea Kreations

Roger, a beautiful dun appaloosa, was being a lot spunkier than I remembered. He was prancing and wanted to get his own way. Preferably to instantly head back to the stables, but after some persuasion he decided that it was a nice enough day for a trail ride.

At the one field, we were allowed to run the horses if we wanted to. Although at first he didn't want to run, once you got him going, oh boy, he was like a little rocket. Awesome! It was so much fun! 

Like I mentioned in another blog post, I had remembered to turn the flash off, muted the phone, and.... I forgot to check the brightness for outdoor settings. Oopsies! I wasn't able to tell if I took a picture or not since sound was off, and the phone screen was all dark. It was just guess and hope... Hey at least I got the horse a little bit in there!

Enjoy your day!

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