What Gaming Means To Me

We need time to recover power they said. I sighed, begrudgingly. Wait? WAIT? You kidding me? My main, Corisu, was ready to go and didn’t need to wait. She didn’t usually need heals either, unless the mobs were very difficult to her too. As a shadowknight, she could walk through most mobs like nothing. I waited. I grumbled. But. I respected the wishes of the group.

Impatient? Moi? Whatevs…

Strategy and Adventures

There are many different things that can inspire me with gaming. The strategy, the adventures, the quick approaches sometimes needed. The anything but head-bash keyboard attitude some have. Which is how, for most the time, Corisu could keep up with toons that had much better gear than I was able to get her. It isn’t all about the gear, or spells, it’s also about the person behind the toon.


Creating. Forts, stables (ok that one was obvious. I create a LOT of stables in different games). The building, the ideas, the putting stuff together.

Corisu - looking at the fort

The Ability to Travel

The travel. The ability to go places, do things. I love to go do things. Sometimes for different reasons, whether that has been financial reasons, or health reasons (such as e.g. bed rest during pregnancies), I haven’t been able to and it drives me nuts. The gaming has allowed me to at least feel as if I can go where I want.

Well, traveling where you want has its drawbacks sometimes. Like the one time my druid got her new nifty Wakening Lands spell and I just couldn’t WAIT to try it out. How cool! Um. Yeah little did I know that the dragon Wuoshi ripped her a new one real fast. Like load screen fast. Ouch. Ego bruised. One of the guild’s high level clerics, Kodi, saved my butt that day. He was able to get there easily, drag Kan’s corpse a good bit away from the druid rings and rezz her. I was a tad more careful with where I just cast portals to and traveled to after that. Just a little bit though. Like check the level of the area perhaps…

Do you play any games and if so, does it inspire you in any way?

Enjoy your day!

Gunilla Wachtel
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