What Inspires Me as an Artist

The things that inspire me as an artist, where to start...? I could be going for a walk, sense the wind on my hair, the wind blowing in my face. A big butterfly landing on my hand as I at a first instinct go EEK! thinking it's a bug, then realizing it's a friendly butterfly. We do have a few of those butterflies again this summer and fall, mind you.

In the Studio (our Outside the Studio, Rather)

I mostly work in the house when typing up blog posts. When writing the draft for this post, I took the laptop outside so that our Newfoundland dog Cleo would want to be out in the backyard. She wants my company, otherwise she tends to go in almost right away. As she gets older (she is going on 8 now), she is more reluctant to being out by herself. As I'm typing this, she is half-snoozing to the right of me. At times she looks up to let me know it really is only a half-snooze and that she has her eyes on me, back turned or not.

Cleo Wachtel - Newfoundland Dog - Gunilla Wachtel - Kanweienea Kreations

Cleo Wachtel just taking it easy in the backyard. She wanted to mention she has some puppy pictures on keychains. Click here if interested.

Featured Artwork

Newfoundland Dog Drawing 8x10 Print

Newfoundland Dog Drawing 8x10 print Gunilla Wachtel

I did this pencil drawing quite a few years ago now, but it is still one of my favorites. I love Newfoundland dogs!

Inspirational Animals

Writing outside on the laptop is nice but it is hard to see sometimes with the glare on the screen. I just kind of deal with it because it makes Cleo happy that I'm working while outside with her.

Our animals are a major source of inspiration to me. Not only do they keep me company and want me to keep them company too, they do so many other good things besides that.

Tuxie and Othello - Kanweienea Kreations Gunilla Wachtel Studio

That's boss kitty Tuxie in that picture. I call her "my little equestrian." She loves Othello (the stuffed toy horse that lives in the studio). Tuxie is quite the boss kitty and she tries to make sure I get studio time in daily.

There are so many things I could mention, but a few would be, they cheer me up when it's needed, they try to make sure I stay healthy (we call Blazey the un-official service kitty) and they make sure I get my work done even the days I really don't feel like it or up to it. If they decide I'm not up to it, then it's okay I take it easy.

In conclusion, there are so many things that inspire me that I could probably make a long series of blog post on that alone. My inspiration comes from many places, but our animals and any animals really, are a major source of inspiration for me.

What inspires you, for whatever it may be?

Enjoy your day!

Kanweienea Kreations
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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