What My Studio Name Means to Me - Part 2

Kanweienea Kreations art


Who Was (Is) Kanweienea?

Kanweienea was my druid in Everquest 1. She was/is great at heals, great at dps (damage per second, damage output) and can solo or be in a group. Plus she could/can cast travel rings to go where she wants (as long as she has the spells for it). If you want to read more about what gaming means to me, you can click here.

Thoughts of Renaming It?

Yeah, more than once. Explaining how to pronounce the name over and over again gets a little frustrating at times. But. I still like the name.

How Do I Pronounce the Name?

The “kreations” part is a given, it’s just like “creations.” Just spelled differently because I felt it was creative plus it went with the K in Kanweienea.

I usually say my business name in most of my videos so you can hear there how I pronounce it myself. Here is a simple explanation on how to pronounce Kanweienea: Kan (as in can, just with a K) – weie (pronounced similar to as the whe in “where”) – nea (e is pronounced, not as an i or iii but as a short e like in “net”). Hope this helps!

Enjoy your day!

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Kanweienea Kreations

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