What's Up With Pinterest?

It was another crazy morning and I had finally gotten around to getting to the studio. I decided to look up a quick recipe for a snack first though. I had been running around for a few hours not realizing where time had gone to.

I went to one of my favorite websites for finding recipes quickly. Pinterest.  Instead of finding recipes I found ads. It would have pictures of whatever food item but just link to some store for almond oil (or jewelry, yes jewelry) or something like it. Not that I clicked on any of the links. It looked like spam to me. 

After doing a few more searches (hello? Sidetracked? Me??), I started realizing that this was apparently a new layout. Only the first main page I got to wasn't riddled with ads or buy this. As soon as I did a search or a sub search after that, there it was.

This really sucks because I like to be able to see an overview of recipes (visual thinker) and other sites either have overlay ads, or aren't set up as to get as quick of an overview as Pinterest had. 

Well, it is what it is I suppose. This just even more reminds me that platforms change. I'm just glad I wasn't relying on the site for business purposes. So, again, and I think I mentioned this in another blog post, I'll be using the website blog and newsletter for my main platform for communication with you all.

ZOMG! No pictures? Really? Yeah not today, sorry. I really need to get to work and I got thrown off course with this Pinterest change. Plus. I'm a rebel. and a viking. Whatever that has to do with anything in this case I don't know. But. again, it is what it is.

Edit: Later in the day (like several hours later), Pinterest seemed to be acting more normal again (with ads and promoted pins there, but not overwhelming the content). I couldn't find any information on if Pinterest had gotten hacked in general, other than a few tweets.


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