Winter Landscape Miniature Painting - Work in Progress

The other day was one of those days I just couldn't seem to get any work done in the studio or figure out what to even start with. I decided that I should at least get a little bit of painting done. So, I grabbed one of the miniature canvas I had already prepped another time along with some acrylic markers and paints.

In the Studio

Work in Progress Gunilla Wachtel Painting 3x3 Acrylic

I had already painted this canvas black another time. I know there are canvases that come pre-primed to black, this one was the regular white though before. Here is a snapshot of the beginning stages of the painting. This is done with a white pencil.

Liquitex paint markers Acrylic Gunilla Wachtel

The Liquitex paint markers are pretty good I think. This is a 3x3 inches canvas by the way.

Liquitex heavy body Acrylic Paint Gunilla Wachtel

I do like my Liquitex paints, especially the heavy body acrylic. It doesn't seem to be as strong smell to the paints as some of the cheaper versions or other paints either.

Work in progress Miniature Acrylic Painting Gunilla Wachtel

This is actually a bent up paper clip. It works pretty good for adding details and even painting with. 

Miniature Painting Christmas Wintery Scene Bunny Acrylic - Gunilla Wachtel

Here is the finished result. See the bunny?

Featured Artwork

Newfoundland Dog Art Print 8x10

Newfoundland Dog Print Gunilla Wachtel

This Newfoundland dog drawing was a portrait of one of my first Newfoundland dogs. He has since long passed the rainbow bridge. He was an amazing newfie.

Random Thoughts and Not so Random Thoughts

This was originally going to be one of my daily posts but I had a lot of pictures and the post ended up becoming longer. I might decide to go to a few posts a week instead or so. That will hopefully free up some more studio time as well. Thoughts, suggestions?

If you are interested in the miniature painting, contact us for more information.

Enjoy your day!

Kanweienea Kreations
Artist. Animal lover. Swedish-American.

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