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Gunilla Wachtel

Friesian Horse and Drawing Luxurious Canvas Art Print

Friesian Horse and Drawing Luxurious Canvas Art Print

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This ready to hang, hand-stretched canvas art print of a horse and cat has a vivid and fade-resistant print. This makes it a luxurious treasure for a long time to come. 

This luxurious canvas print features a print of a dynamic pencil drawing of a Friesian horse and a tuxedo cat.

Story behind the drawing: The elegant Friesian horse is one of my favorite breeds. They are stunningly beautiful with their black coats and flowing manes.

When I was working on this pencil drawing, at one point there was only the horse. It felt like something was missing. While working on this drawing, I heard happy and very loud purring coming from over where my studio stuffed toy horse Othello was.
I looked over at Tuxie, our beautiful Tuxedo cat. She was happily and intently kneading Othello, and so, Tuxie became a part of this drawing.

  • Size of this stylish canvas print: 24 x 36 inches. Each print is unique due to the process and might differ slightly from what you see on the screen.
  • This horse art themed print is gallery wrapped and hand-stretched over sturdy wood stretcher bars.
  • Mounting brackets included - centered on frame
  • Printed with top-quality printers on beautiful 1.5" deep canvas. 
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